Frontlive-Chrono – Thursday, March 14, 2019

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  • Afghanistan: 31 insurgents killed in air strikes – Subscribers
  • Algeria – The power launches its media counter-offensive – Events Minute by minute – Subscribers
  • Indonesia: Terrorist Abu Hamzah’s wife blows herself up in Sibolga at the time of her arrest – Subscribers
  • Israel – Rocket Alerts warning and explosions in Tel Aviv – Subscribers
  • Morocco: Dismantling of an Islamic state cell that was planning attacks in the Kingdom – Subscribers
  • Philippines: Fighting between the Philippine army and the Islamic state rages in Datu Piang (Mindanao Island) – Subscribers
  • Syria: ISIS Militants, Families Surrender in Baghuz – Subscribers
  • Syria: Russian Air Force attacks Idlib, dozens killed and wounded – Subscribers

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