Sudan: Latest developments

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Chief of Transitional Military Council resigns
Awad Ibn Ouf (Awad Benawf), the head of the Transitional Military Council that has led Sudan since Omar al-Bashir’s dismissal on Thursday, April 11, announced his resignation, and the name of his successor General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan Abdelrahmane.
Mr. Ibn Ouf was speaking in a speech to the nation on state television. His intervention comes at a time when many Sudanese are still demonstrating outside the army headquarters in Khartoum to demand a transition with civilian figures.
The opposition criticized ibn Auf, among other things, for his involvement with the country’s previous authorities and for his involvement in war crimes in Darfur.
Ibn Auf also announced the resignation of the Deputy Chief of the Council, Kamal Abd al-Maarouf.
Sudan’s Feared Intelligence Chief Resigns
Sudan’s security and intelligence chief, Salah Gosh, resigned on Saturday, state media reported.
“The chief of the transitional military council, Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, has accepted the resignation of the chief of NISS,” the council said.
The new head of the Sudanese Military Council has been sworn in
The new head of the Sudan Transitional Military Council, Abdelfattah al-Burkhan, has been sworn in, reported the Sudanese news agency SUNA.
Al-Burkhan, who held the position of Chief of Staff of the country’s Land Forces until February, has been appointed as the new Chief of the Council. Al-Burkhan was until recently Inspector General of the Sudanese Armed Forces.
Sudan’s military council cancels curfew, release prisoners
The head of Sudan’s Military Transition Council (MTC) has lifted a night curfew imposed by his predecessor and directed to release of prisoners jailed under the emergency law for protests against the regime of the unseated President Omer al-Bashir.
He also pledged to bring to justice those who killed demonstrators in a speech to the nation that was broadcast live on state television.
Sudan’s Former Ruling Party Demands Freedom for Leaders
Sudan’s former ruling National Congress Party demanded on Saturday that the military council, which took over after this week’s coup, release toppled president Omar Bashir and other senior members.
“We consider the military council’s actions an unconstitutional power grab. The NCP rejects the arrest of its leaders, its acting president and many other senior members and demands their immediate release,” it said in a statement.