Indonesia: United States issues alert message for May 22

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The U.S. Embassy in Jakarta today issued a security warning for Americans residing in Indonesia. The security warning is linked to the risk of terrorism when the results of the 2019 election are announced on Wednesday, May 22.
Through its official website,, the U.S. Embassy warned that Indonesian National Police (Polri) officials had publicly reported the increased risk of terrorist attacks when the election results were released. “The media have reported the arrest of a number of Indonesian residents recently accused of terrorism,” the U.S. Embassy wrote on its official website (17/05/2019).
The U.S. Embassy has also warned Americans that demonstrations may take place around polling stations and other public places in Jakarta, including outside the Office of the General Electoral Commission (KPU) and the election monitoring body (Bawaslu).
The US government agency also mentions the risk of demonstrations outside the polling stations of other major cities, including Surabaya and Medan.
In this context, the United States Embassy has warned its nationals in Indonesia to take a number of measures, including
1. Avoid areas where political demonstrations take place, especially around large meetings;
2. Monitor media reports of local events carefully; remain environmentally conscious and concerned about personal safety at all times;
3. Register in the Smart Traveler (STEP) registration program to receive security updates.
4. Follow the instructions of the US Consulate in Surabaya via Twitter and Facebook and the US Embassy in Jakarta also on Twitter and Facebook.