Morocco: teacher calls for Belgian volunteers in shorts to be beheaded

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The Moroccan police arrested a man who, on Facebook, had called for the beheading of some Belgian volunteers in Morocco. The young women of “Bouworde vzw” had shared a video of their work at a shipyard in the south of Morocco, in which they can be seen in shorts under a shining sun.
The man who spread the hate message is a 26-year-old teacher from northern Morocco. He was arrested on Monday. According to Moroccan state security, the twenties will be prosecuted for “inciting terrorist acts”.
The video of the Belgian volunteers, shot in a village near Taroudant, appeared three days ago on YouTube and was also shown on Moroccan television. Ali El Asri, of the ruling Party for Justice and Development (PJD), also expressed his anger at the choice of clothes by the volunteers. “Since when do Europeans start working in swimsuits”, the man wrote on Facebook.
“No danger”.
However, many other comments praised the “dedication” of the volunteers, who “came to do the work instead of the local leaders”. The Belgians, together with a local association, repaired a street in Adar, a village in the south of the country. “The people are very nice and friendly, I love Morocco”, said Luna, one of the young people who was interviewed.
According to “Bouworde vzw”, the volunteers on the spot have never been in danger. “They were not even aware of the whole commotion. Our volunteers are always received with hospitality in Adar and have been welcomed by the population.” Bouworde vzw is an organisation that organises worldwide volunteer trips for young people between 15 and 30 years of age.