Frontlive-Chrono of Thursday 27 February 2020

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Kenya: Washington Warns of Possible Terrorist Attack on Nairobi Grand Hotel

The United States on Thursday warned of possible “terrorist” attack against “a major hotel in Nairobi”, calling on its citizens to be “more vigilant”. “Terrorist groups may be planning an attack on a major hotel in Nairobi. The hotel has not been precisely identified, but it is believed to be a hotel frequented by tourists…CONTINUE READING

Mali/Niger: About 30 jihadists “neutralized”

The French force Barkhane has “put out of combat” about thirty jihadists in the area “of the three borders”, on the borders of Mali and Niger, continuing the sweep of this area reputed to house the Islamic State Group in the Great Sahara (EIGS), the staff said Thursday. While defending itself from “scalp hunting”, the…CONTINUE READING

Syria: Three Turkish soldiers killed in air strikes in Idlib

Three Turkish soldiers were killed and two others wounded in an air strike on Idleb province in northwestern Syria, the Turkish Defense Ministry said Thursday. So far, a total of 21 Turkish soldiers have been killed in the Idleb area. The Turkish army has retaliated against Syrian “targets of the regime” in the region, the…CONTINUE READING

Syria: Israeli army eliminates “Hezbollah’s head of infrastructure”

Syrian sources gave the name of a “citizen” killed on 27 February by Israeli drone fire near the village of Hadar in the southern Syrian province of Quneitra. The name is Imad Al-Tawil. The Ma’an news agency quoted some sources as saying al-Tawil was collaborating with Hezbollah and the Syrian intelligence services, while others said…CONTINUE READING